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Newest Star Wars Reviews Suprisingly Positive
随着5月19日的临近,Star War的题材多起来了,这次是说前传三(Episode III Revenge of the Sith)得到了不错的评价,那个语气就能看出前传1和2多么多么的烂了。。。搞得我对Ep3又有点期待了。。。

Interview with the Creator of BitTorrent
Geek is geek.

FreeBSD 5.4 Released
终于,cauchy同学在 Forum也欢呼了一把。

— from Slashdot

15 things you can do with RSS


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15 Things You Can Do With RSS

  1. Get the news as it happens from multiple news sources

    An RSS feed reader is an aggregator of numerous feeds from newssources (and nearly every major paper and TV news network has RSS feedstoday). But now there are even feeds that aggregate other feeds. Thenew lets you combine all the news source RSS feeds into one single feed so you get news as it happens.

  2. Collect your email from all your email accounts in your RSS reader

    Easily done with And each Gmail account has an RSS feed too. Or if you’re a user of, then you’ll be glad there’s a similar service called but with RSS feeds.

  3. Track Fedex packages

    Ben Hammersley says Just add your tracking number to the end of a special RSS feed address.

  4. Get notified of bargains at Ebay lets you specify the type of product, its description and even the price range in their customised Ebay feeds.

  5. Get stock updates

    There have been various paid services and limited unpaid ticker services around. Tim Bray made a customisable feed. Yahoo is introducing its own RSS ticker service.

  6. Get the weather reports

    Weather Underground has the weather of every city and town in the world. And each of them now has an RSS feed. Alternatively, there is

  7. Find out what people are saying about you, your company or your product online

    Services like and pubsub.comoffer something that’s popularly called persistent search delivery. Youtype in a search term such as your name and or your company name orproduct name and they will return the newest indexed references to youin a customised RSS feed. Both services scan blogs. If you wantpersistent search delivery from a broader range of sites, you have

  8. Get music, radio programs and TV clips

    Now you have podcasts and directories like that also serve the latest podcasts in several RSS feeds. And increasingly, like Comedy Central’s Daily Show,broadcasters are finding it effective to promote and deliver theirshows in RSS. Videobloggers now have a community website called that adds tags to video blog RSS feeds.

  9. Stay updated on someone’s schedule lets someoneinput new events and meetings on their schedule for free. And if youpick up the RSS feed for that schedule, you’re always up-to-date onwhat’s going on in that person’s day.

  10. Get cinema schedule updates

    Quietly getting popular, a movement led by small local cinemas like City Cinema,rather than big cinema networks. But the bigger cinemas are deliveringupdates via email and these can be converted into feeds

  11. Read your favourite comics

    Many daily and weekly comic authors publish online and have an RSS feed. Dilbert of course has one. Best way to locate the feed is to type in the name of the comic into either or are great RSS feed directories). And even if your favourite comicdoesn’t have a feed on its website, a good comic will have someonesomewhere creating an unofficial scraped feed. has a large updated list of both official and unofficial RSS feed list of hundreds of comics.

  12. Find out what other people surfing

    I don’t mean spyware. A lot of people use online bookmarks which they make public. Places like,, and the new are online bookmark services that create RSS feeds for each user.

  13. Automatically backup your weblog posts

    If your RSS feed is being picked up by an online feed reader service like,they will store all your entries on their server. Unfortunately, theydon’t have an export feature. But at least all your entries (if youhave full entries in your RSS feed) are safe and dated.

  14. Get software updates

    Popular software downloads sites like and versiontracker.comlet you keep up with all new releases via RSS. So you can also bealerted when your favourite softwares have a new version or when thereare better releases.

  15. Get the latest bittorrent files and ahem, p*rn

    As they say, if its worth something, it’s worth more illegal. Bittorrent directory Torrentspy.comwas the first to have an RSS feed that lets its users know what hasjust been uploaded. And the online p*rn industry, being always on thecutting edge of online business, was probably the first to take to blogCMSes and use them to generate traffic through RSS feeds. I’ll refrainfrom linking to one here, but it just takes a Google search to findseveral.

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