My Apples – click the link to see the photo

Model No.: A1430

iPhone 4S
Model No.: A1387

MacBook Pro
Model No.: CTO(Customized)

iPod Touch 4G
Model No.: A1367 Part No.: PC544CH/A

Model: Wi-Fi 16 GB

Model No.: A1312 Part No.: MC784CH/A

AirPort Express
Model No.: A1264 Part No.: MB321CH/A

iPhone 4
Model No.: A1332 Part No.: MC605ZP
more info

Model No.: A1219 Part No.: MB294LL
more info

iPhone 3G
Model No.: A1241 Part No.: MB704LL

MacBook Pro stolen
Model No.: A1226 Order No.: MB896CH/A

MacBook Pro
Model No.: A1286 Order No.: MC026CH/A
with Apple Might Mouse Wireless(M6)
Model No.: A1197 Part No.: MB111ZM/A

Model No.: A1208 Order No.: MA590CH/A

Time Capsule
Model No.: A1254 Part No.: MB276CH/A

iPod Classic with Shure SCL5 more info
Model No.: A1238 Part No.: MB150CH/A

iPod Shuffle 2G
Model No.: A1204 Part No.: MB227CH/A

iPod Nano
Model No.: A1137 Part No.: MA005CH/A

iPod Shuffle
Model No.: A1112 Part No.: M9725CH/A

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