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FreeBSD 4.10 Released

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OSWorkflow 2.7 Released
OpenSymphony刚刚发布了OSWorkflow 2.7,比较重要的改进包括:支持Spring了,去掉了内部的一个singleton,使得在一个VM中运行多个配置成为可能。

JSR 225: XQuery API for Java Announces Early Draft Review
JSR 225是W3C的XQuery规范的标准Java实现。但是。。。真的会有人在生产环境中使用这个dd么??

Unit Testing Asynchronous Code
Joe Walnes的这篇文章描述了怎么书写unit testing来对异步(线程化)代码进行测试。很有价值。

Windward Studios Releases Windward Reports Version 2.1
Windward Reports是一家出品Java报表软件的公司,最近发布了最新的Windward Reports 2.1版,这是一个轻量级的报表解决方案,还没时间仔细研究,但是支持Word模板这个特性不错,另外一个重量级的Java报表Inetsoft的产品也值得一看。反正Crystal Report是比较让人不爽的。。。

Welcome to the Jumble – J2EE Best Practices
关于J2EE的最佳实践其实很多了,这里又有一篇来自IBM dW的top 10,我觉得这个总结是我看到过的比较清晰和精辟的。

  1. Always use MVC.
  2. Apply automated unit tests and test harnesses at every layer.
  3. Develop to the specifications, not the application server.
  4. Plan for using J2EE security from Day One.
  5. Build what you know.
  6. Always use Session Facades whenever you use EJB components.
  7. Use stateless session beans instead of stateful session beans.
  8. Use container-managed transactions.
  9. Prefer JSPs as your first choice of presentation technology.
  10. When using HttpSessions, store only as much state as you need for the current business transaction and no more.
  11. In WebSphere, turn on dynamic caching and use the WebSphere servlet caching mechanism.
  12. Prefer CMP Entity beans as a first-pass solution for O/R mapping due to the programmer productivity benefits.

ObjectWeb’s JAC Framework Support AOP Alliance API
New features in JAC 0.12 include AOP Alliance API support.

BEA and Codehaus Partner to Create Controlhaus

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Common Errors in English

Best of VIM Tips, VIM’s Key Features

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