Programmers At Work, 22 Years Later

In 1986, the book Programmers at Work presented interviews with 19 programmers and software designers from the early days of personal computing including Charles Simonyi, Andy Hertzfeld, Ray Ozzie, Bill Gates, and Pac Man programmer Toru Iwatani. Leonard Richardson tracked down these pioneers and has compiled a nice summary of where they are now, 22 years later.

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Microsoft Pulls Vista SP1 Update

> I’m a Microsoft Vendor, and have access to the MS phonebook via Outlook…

While you’re checking, what’s Steve Ballmer’s direct line? I just wanted to share some, uh, customer feedback with him.


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a distributed key-value storage system designed for persistent.

memcachedb是Google Code上一个热门的内存cache数据库实现,它的出色之处在于非常良好的分布式计算支持,这个库很好的支持memcached的核心API,这意味着,memcached多种多样的客户端支持都可以直接搬来用。