Stupid Useful Tricks?

这几天/.最流行的是啥?当然是(Stupid) Useful Tricks。。。 Stupid Unix Tricks at Nov 5th Stupid Vim Tricks at Nov 6th Stupid Emacs Tricks at Nov 7th Stupid Regex Tricks at Nov 10th 数不清的tricks,敢说你全知道?!

Pearls In The Net(22 Feb)

Programmers At Work, 22 Years Later In 1986, the book Programmers at Work presented interviews with 19 programmers and software designers from the early days of personal computing including Charles Simonyi, Andy Hertzfeld, Ray Ozzie, Bill Gates, and Pac Man programmer Toru Iwatani. Leonard Richardson tracked down these pioneers and has compiled a nice summary … [Read more…]