MRP 0.1 Released

All features listed on the launch have been completed. Thus we meet the first release milestone, so now you can visit the resurrected history and sniff around (personally I like to laugh at all my moronic posts there XD).

Lately I will release MRP Progress 2 (here is the Part 1) to summarize the Rails programming tips on developing such site.

DreamHost Guide




域名方面以后将以 为主, 最多作为backup,也许会废弃。

正在为intro page找一个新的设计,之前那个不够cool XD

UPDATE: Intro page has been re-designed, with some extremely simple style. Go for a look!

New Home 2008

Happy New Year, buddies…

And a new home here.

Q: What do you mean by 7thgen?
A: 7thgen means “the 7th Generation”, and I don’t know what it means either. I got it in a special state long long ago, and I consider it as a sign.

Q: Why today?
A: Happy 70th Birthday to ya Grand, Donald Ervin Knuth!

Late Anniversary of RS

突然发现今天的日子有点奇特,原来是洋人的什么什么节。写下上面这句话就想起了去年刚开始写这个blog的时候好像也有这么句话,一找,果然,就在这里。再一找,这个blog的第一篇新的文字是在2004年2月2日发的这一篇(原来是个水瓶座的blog -_-bbb)。时间过的真是快啊!

The New Year

大楼停了三天的电,今天所有服务才恢复正常。Damn It!


My Keywords 2004





New Logo and Old Link

874 老胡,答应帮我做个logo那么久都不交作业!害我只好随便弄一个充数。。。


Happy Birthday To Myself

The last stop before 30…


Old Articles Imported

今天终于把以前写的东西都整进来了——算是正式启用这个新版的Ragnarok Studio了吧 :D