iPod Update Failure Solution

Since iTune 7 released, Apple has released two iPod update packs(1.2 & 1.3), and could be installed from the new iTune software update system, but both failed in my system. Today I just found this by accident.

  1. Plug in your iPod and wait for iTunes to tell you an update for it is available
  2. Click the Install button on that dialog and keep an eye on your iPod
  3. When your iPod screen switches from the flashing “Do Not Disconnect” message to the Main Menu screen, unplug the iPod, wait a couple SECONDS, plug the iPod back in
  4. You should notice some slow-down in the progress meter and a new dialog box should come up and tell you your iPod is being updated and to not disconnect it until the update finishes
  5. That’s it. Wait for the update to finish and iTunes will re-recognize it and show its new up-to-date status.

I tried these steps, twice, and it works. More about this I should say, it is really tricky. You must unplug the iPod right after the upgrading progress bar appears and plug it back in within 2 or 3 seconds. If it does not work, try adjusting the timing carefully. Good luck my friends!

Screen: The upgraded iPods Info in iTune 7

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