Image Display in Firefox

这几天Google Map突然出现显示问题——事实上是显示不出来了。。。今天翻了下Google Map的Help Center,果然这是常见的问题,有一个专门的说明:

The maps aren’t appearing and I’m not using Microsoft Internet Explorer. How can I see them?

Reconfiguring the way your browser handles JavaScript may resolve this problem. If you’re using Mac OS X or Windows with Mozilla Firefox 0.8+, Mozilla 1.4+, or Netscape 7.1+, just follow these steps:

1. Type “about:config” (without quotes) in the browser’s address bar.
2. Type “image” (without quotes) in the Filter field.
3. Verify that “dom.disable_image_src_set” is set to FALSE.
4. Verify that “network.image.imageBehavior” is set to 0 (the default setting).

Please note that “network.image.imageBehavior” may appear as “permissions.default.image” for some browsers.

If you continue to experience difficulties, you may want to uninstall any programs or extensions that change the way your browser handles JavaScript. Other users have reported that these programs may affect one’s ability to view the map display.

然后附带着原来一些其他的毛病也好了,例如Google Spreadsheets的小按钮显示不出来的问题。不过还是没搞清,是什么东西改变了Firefox这两个参数的缺省值。。。

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