Wham是我接触的第一个用英语演唱的流行音乐歌手,今天在机场听到了他们的名曲《Careless Whisper》,其实我比较喜欢的是另一首稍微不太出名的《Heartbeat》。

我听Wham的时候是高二,16岁(二八×龄?),看看下面的歌词就知道那个时候多么容易掉进这种歌儿的调里。。。现在听起来,似乎应该伤感青春不再,但素作为一个乐观主义者,偶的感觉是:我还是蛮年轻的嘛 =_=bb


by Wham(George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley)

Another summer, another vacation is over
A September morning with the sun and smell of the clover
Down by the gates we sit and watch all our friends go by
And pretend we don’t hear the bell that rings through the summer sky

I was happy with the kisses she gave me
It’s just that happy was all she made me
Happy that was until I saw you

Heartbeat, heartbeat, why do you fail me now?
You hurt me, desert me in my darkest hour
Heartbeat, heartbeat, why do you keep me here?
How could I help but admire her beauty
Standing on the line between desire and duty
Heartbeat, heartbeat, it will end in tears

I need a lover, but love’s such a dangerous place to be
Oh, if we were meant for each other then why don’t you answer me
Don’t keep me waiting, you know that I long to be by your side
We could even be together, tonight

I was happy with the kisses she gave me
Now there’s nothing on earth that can save me
Why should I care I can have you?

(Chorus to fade)