Eclipse Bugzilla Bug 78963

昨天升级了我的AspectJ和AJDT插件,然后。。。挂了。症状很是明确:AJDT 1.2.0M1和IBM JDK 1.4.2在一起的时候,启动AspectJ Editor时Eclipse就挂了。心想,这么明显的症状、这么容易重现的错误,去交个bug没准有效。于是上了Eclipse的Bugzilla(发现Eclipse的Bugzilla修改了一些界面,还是满好用的),提交了这个Bug 78963,然后睡觉了。


From Matt Chapman:

This is due to a jvm bug which is being looked at (it may have already been fixed, I’m not sure). But the good news is that we’ve been able to work round it. Please try out the latest development build, available from

(assuming you’re using Eclipse 3.0.1 – see the AJDT download page for more details).



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