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MovableStyle(本站的skin作者)正式易主,Scott Yang因为MT3的新授权策略而感觉备受打击,一周前宣布放弃MT和这个很受欢迎的站点,他十分礼貌的决定无偿转让域名和现有的一切成果,根据昨天的更新,现在已经有人接手了,可能很快就能完成交接。希望是一个同样优秀的作者和讨人喜欢的新主人!

— from Ragnarok Studio

Worst Explanation From Tech Support?
我们听过无数做support的人不得不向巨多的菜鸟解释极菜的问题,但是——凡事都有但是——也有专业用户和菜鸟support的事件,看看Slashdot的nerd “Disgruntled-with-Tech-Support”带来的“stuck bits”的故事,绝对的经典!

… I had just had DSL installed, only to find it much slower than the 56K line I was looking to get rid of. On calling the provider, I was told (by someone who likely reading off cue cards) to visit one of their internal websites for measuring bandwidth. While there, I observed that they had both bytes per second and bits per second listed, and that the number of bytes/sec != bits/sec * 8, rather a factor around 13 or 14. I pointed this out as a possible problem, and the guy’s reasoning: ‘Uh, it looks like the bytes are getting through to you ok, but the bits are getting stuck someplace.’

— from

Intellij IDEA Consequently Loses Its Advantage Over Eclipse
其实不是新闻了,不过这位IDEA拥趸的文章非常透彻的描述了这个事实——但是他没有说出的是——其实最新的Eclipse 3.0M8已经超过了IDEA 4,难道不是么(别忘了,Eclipse是开源和免费的,而IDEA价值不菲)?看看:

I am one of these fanatic Idea users, participating in EAP, helping Jetbrainers fixing the bugs, defining new functionality and so on. I am keen on Idea. I am so keen that I treat all Idea rants and complaints very personally. Until now…

Something bad happened recently. Jetbrains guys, known from their rock-solid software and obsession with quality – are changing. Idea build are more and more buggy, even basic features are sometimes not working properly. Moreover, user interface, that other companies had to dream about is becoming more and more polluted, bloated and not intuitive. It all began with Idea 4.0 – released too early, not tested enough and bloated with the features that only few want.


Wanna Use Spring With JSF?
Sun和IBM都发布了自己对JSF的支持,据说BEA也将在Platform 8 sp3中支持JSF(Server和Workshop)。开源社区也没放松,这里的例子是SourceForge上新成立的JSF-Spring Integration项目。

Effective AspectJ – Understanding Type Checking For pointcuts and advice

— from JRoller