Jet-powered Nausicaa Glider Project


今天看到的这个是说一个日本人自己在造娜茜卡的喷气式滑翼(宫崎大神称之为Moewe,不晓得怎么读。。。),并且已经成功放飞了一个1/2大小的模型(.mov, 8.6MB),这还不算什么。。。



It’s a cartoon (Score:5, Funny)
by ObviousGuy (578567) on Friday February 20, @11:14PM (#8347114)
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And Nausicaa wears no underwear. Not that I was looking or anything…

Don’t pay any attention to the stacks of Sailor Moon and tentacle porn DVDs under my bed!

Re:It’s a cartoon (Score:5, Informative)
by _bug_ (112702) on Friday February 20, @11:16PM (#8347126)
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typical first-time nausicaa viewer.

she wears white pants. very similar to stretch pants. aerodynamics and all.

Re:It’s a cartoon (Score:3, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 21, @12:46AM (#8347521)
typical anime freak

go outside otaku

It’s shilashudotsu (Score:3, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 21, @12:50AM (#8347538)
News for Otaku, Stuff that matters

Re:It’s a cartoon (Score:5, Informative)
by ll1234 (167894) * on Saturday February 21, @02:09AM (#8347782)

Try the FAQ []:

Q: I heard that cuts were made in “Warriors of the Wind” to cover Nausicaa’s bare bottom. Is it true?

A: That’s a nasty rumor which just won’t die. Even in a recent article by Reuters, she was called “a bare-bottomed heroine on a glider” @[email protected]; Nausicaa *is* wearing pants. That’s not a mini skirt she is wearing. It’s her coat. Notice that the men in the valley are dressed as Nausicaa is. And they are not Scottish. ^_^


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  1. I hope that all of the glider projects come out well. I was wondering if you are going to release the glider out for sale after the glider is redy to ne flown. I have begone the design of drawing and the start of creating the designs that will help me create the glider from the movie. best of Luck!!

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